Greener, Efficient, Abundant Fuel

Clean-burning propane fuel increases efficiency, contributes to longer engine life, and produces significantly less carbon monoxide than gasoline-fueled engines. Propane gas can be stored indefinitely and is available at many off-grid locations.

Extended Run

Our exclusive premium oil-recovery and circulation system virtually halts oil degradation, resulting in greatly extended maintenance intervals—an unprecedented five times the industry standard, with 500 hours between oil changes.

Quiet Performance

The EcoGen is and significantly quieter than a portable generator or a standard Egogen Series home backup system.

Our EcoGen Generators

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My wife and I saved for some time to get the home theater we wanted. Alan came in and installed a system beyond what I expected. I knew it was good when my neighbor came over and wanted to know what I was watching cause he could feel it at his house! Mike Brownen - Owner of the Honest Plumber